New Technology: reMarkable and Digital Note Taking

4 months ago #Event

Apple Pencil gained popularity as a new medium to be used to record digital notes on an iPad. A new technology has now emerged with the goal of allowing notetakers a different experience for digital writing, and it promises to mimic a paper-writing experience as close as possible. Stay updated with the latest in technology news by following EyeTech Solutions on LinkedIn and Instagram.

EyeTech Solutions gives you a first look at reMarkable: a 26cm tablet device that “feels like paper”, according to reMarkable’s website. What are the potential benefits to digital note taking? Less paper waste and more work efficiency.

The remarkable tablet allows its user to transcribe their notes on the tablet with no distractions: as opposed to other traditional tablets, remarkable does not allow connection with social media or e-email. No notifications and no distractions – much like a real notebook. It also allows its user to convert written text into typed text, create annotations and has the ultimate goal of making sure its user stays focused in a world of noisy technology.

Macworld’s Leif Johnson was also intrigued about how this technology could compare to the experience of Apple Pencil on iPad pro. Watch his experience comparing the two.

What are your first thoughts on digital note taking with reMarkable? We’d love to hear your opinions!

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