The Huawei Ban: Security and Supply Chain

4 months ago #Event

To follow up on the article last posted on our LinkedIn, based on Facebook joining the battle against Huawei and blocking the app from being pre-installed on their phones, we are continuing to follow the issue with Huawei. What is happening with the ban, and what does it mean for other tech vendors and supply chain?

According to the Financial Times, Google reportedly warned the Trump Administration that the ban on Huawei could affect national security as it will force Huawei to compromise its Android operating system. 

The ban originally started when the Commerce Department of the United States put forth an effort to create a blacklist of companies for their alleged efforts to spy on behalf of the Chinese government.

What does this mean for tech companies in the U.S.? The Washington Post created a survey polling 100 cybersecurity experts from many sectors with the overall conclusion that the ban will largely hurt U.S. tech companies. The problem stems from the fact that the ban could cause the U.S. to lose influence over the security of new products.

The shunning of Huawei and other Chinese based technology companies causes some additional concern as some feel that it does not address the essential issue at hand, being the fact that these companies are implanting surveillance devices in their gadgets in the first place. The IT supply chain may still be infiltrated, as experts believe that in this modern age, simply blocking a company will not guarantee that the supply chain will not be tainted.

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