The Top Future Jobs in the IT Sector

5 months ago #Success

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Information Technology jobs are among the fastest growing jobs in the world. Cisco and IDC worked together on a global report to predict the future functions that are in highest demand and crucial for the success of many companies.

The skills that were valued the highest are in cyber security, data analytics, cloud, converged infrastructure and the Internet of Things. In most of these sectors, there is also a skill shortage. Here we will summarise the three jobs that are currently (and will continue to be) the highest in demand:

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1. Web Developer

The global report from Cisco and IDC states this job as of medium future importance, with a high hiring difficulty. If interested in a Web Developer position, you must differentiate yourself with extra skills and qualifications.

2. Mobile Application Developer

The global report from Cisco and IDC indicate again this job as of medium future importance and with a high hiring difficulty. As smartphones are more and more ubiquitous, mobile app development is a sector that is here to stay for a while.

3. Change Management

The global report states that the hiring difficulty for this job is very low and the future importance is at a medium level, making this job an interesting one to delve deeper into.

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